New iPhone SMS Exploit That Keeps Your Deleted Messages Discovered

[Photo Source: App Advice]
[Photo Source: App Advice]
A new iPhone SMS exploit has been discovered according to a Chinese website called Huanqiu. Based on the source, some people within the group of Apple China tried experimenting with their iPhones by entering certain keywords in its search bar. Then, what came next was a startling surprise because the result displayed a text message which has already been deleted in the past.

They repeated the process by inserting certain keywords in text messages and deleting them after. But after entering the inserted keywords into the search bar, the deleted SMS started appearing again. For instance, if you have made a message that said “I love you” to someone and deleted it, searching for the phrase will lead you to the contents of the erased message.

But perhaps the most troublesome effect of the vulnerability, aside from getting caught red handed cheating with your partner, is that it will enable hackers to gain access of your personal transactions made through SMS once they get hold of your phone.

Apple China was quick to alert the public of the discovery by informing the major publications in the country about it. Information security experts were also alerted of the weakness which was recently uncovered.

The Affected iOS Version

Experts found out that the coverage of the vulnerability dates back to February this year. The iPhones affected by the bug are those which are carrying the iOS 6.1.3 versions said the source.

The Statement of Apple

Apple responded by announcing that they are currently looking into the matter and they are presently treating the problem with utmost urgency to protect its users. The company advised its users as well to upgrade their iOS into the latest firmware once it rolls out to avoid the vulnerability that has been revealed.

Source: Huanqiu