New Apple Gaze Detection Patent to Rival the Samsung Smart Pause Feature

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A new patent has been filed by Apple again in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The new technology which will be incorporated in the near future to the company’s iOS devices is currently dubbed as the “Gaze Detection” feature. According to TechRadar, the new patent aims to rival Samsung’s hands-free features such as the “Smart Pause” and “Smart Scroll”.

The specific title of the patent based on the application of Apple to PTO is “Electronic Devices With Gaze Detection Capabilities”. This is foreseen to bring out plenty of benefits to the upcoming iPads and iPhones.

Function of the Patent

Based on the application, the patent functions by using a set of sensors to detect if the user is looking away from the device. If it senses that the user gazed away from it, it would automatically trigger the screen to dim or perform other programmed functions.

Benefits of the Technology

One of the obvious advantages of the technology is that it will boost the energy-efficiency capabilities of devices under the brand. Then, it could also regulate video playbacks by triggering a pause when the user looks away and by activating it again when the person focuses back on the screen.

Pressable Flexible Display

Another recent patent filed by the Cupertino company is the pressable flexible display, which is specifically called as “Embedded Force Measurement” by Apple Insider.

The patent abstract explains that the force detection trait enables the device to sense how much pressure is exerted by the user to a unit carrying a flexible display. It specifically detects the changes in terms of resistance and capacitance of the product.

The same report added that such pressable flexible technology will allow the company’s two dimensional multitouch screen to add a third dimension. This is through the addition of the Z-axis.

Sources: TechRadar and Apple Insider