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Motorola ‘XFON’ for AT&T leaks again

motoThe number of competitors in the Smartphone industry have been increasing massively over the last few years. Motorola is one of the major players in this industry. Just recently, there has been a leak of one of the upcoming phones of Motorola, known as the XFON. It is not the first time that the AT&T Carrier based phone has its images leaked out.

It is no sure as to when this phone would be launched because right now, Motorola has other important things to do. So a delay in the phone’s launch is much expected and the company might even want to wait until Android 5 is out so that the XFON can feature the latest software from Android. The pictures clearly show that the phone will feature Android.

The images that have been leaked out give us a hint of what the front and the back of the phone will look like. The front shows the Motorola sign at the top right corner, right above the LCD of the phone. The front looks similar to that of the Nexus 4. At the other end of the top, we can see that there might be an option of a ‘Standby light’.

The earpiece that can be seen is similar to the one which was there in the images leaked before. The front of the phone reads ‘Motorola Confidential Property’ right underneath the LCD.

The other important thing to notice is the AT&T logo in the top corner of the LCD and the LTE logo in the right corner. This assures us that AT&T users will be the first ones to experience this phone.

As far as the back is concerned, it is expected that the material will be just like Kevlar, a soft touch material which has been used by Motorola in many of their phones. The back of the phone also says XFON, which further assures us that this is the XFON.


Source: Gsmarena

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