Motorola Working On Digital Tattoos and “Smart Pills”

Motorola isn’t only developing the Moto X smartphone this time as the company has also revealed at the D11 conference that they are also working on wearable and swallowable technology. With Google spearheading wearable technology with their Google Glasses, Motorola also wants to be at forefront of this new technology by soon releasing digital tattoos and pills that can be used for various authentication purposes.


Regina Dugan, SVP for Advanced Technology and projects at Motorola, showed a digital tattoo that could be worn on the skin for a week at a time. This tattoo relies on a stretchable electronics system that allows it to perform well even when a person flexes their arm. The purpose of the tattoo is to cut down the authentication process and passwords you need to memorize and fill up daily. You won’t need to slide to unlock your smartphone or even input your passcodes as it will know you are the one using it with the aid of the tattoo.

The next item is even more bizarre, a smart pill that you can take daily that is used in the authentication process. Dugan explained that the pill contains a switch that toggles on and off and creates an 18-bit ECG-like signal. “Essentially your entire body becomes an authentication token.”  While the pills are still a work in progress they have already been cleared by the FDA as being safe.

Both products won’t hit the market anytime soon as the company explains that they are still working on the technology. They are also concentrating first on the upcoming Motorola “Moto X” smartphone which is expected to be released this year. The device is said to come with sensors that will automatically trigger responses depending on how the person is using the device.

The D11 conference this year was held at Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The D conference is different from any other conference on technology since according to the organizers there’s “no canned speeches, no marketing pitches, and no bull. Instead, creators and executive producers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher put the industry’s top players to the test during unscripted conversations about the impact digital technology will have on our lives now and in the future. The results are unprecedented glimpses into the ideas and strategies of the industry’s most creative thinkers.”

via slashgear