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Three New Motorola-Filed Patents Reveal the Imagined Future of the Mythical Google Smartwatch

Say, exactly how disappointed are you with the lack of action during Google’s highly anticipated I/O conference? I’m going to be frank, I was really pissed following the boring San Francisco keynote from two days ago, but as time passed by I realized this means one thing and one thing only – all that awesome hardware rumored to be unveiled at I/O will be coming a little later.

Yeah, I know, there’s still no solid proof the X Phone, second-gen Nexus 7 or Google smartwatch are real, but we’d have to be awfully naïve to think the search giant doesn’t have a few hardware aces up its sleeve for the near future.

Motorola smartwatch

And at least as far as that smartwatch is concerned – the one that’s allegedly in the works for ages – there’s a new piece of evidence suggesting the rumors are not completely unfounded. Actually, three pieces of evidence, as Patent Bolt has just uncovered a trio of Motorola-filed patents for a new piece of wearable technology.

The USPTO patents are very carefully camouflaged, with Moto hesitating to use the word “watch” in their titles, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to tell what exactly the company is looking to patent.

Numbered 20130120459, 20130119255 and 20130120106 and all dated May 16, 2013, the filings are very dense and filled with rich details, but luckily we can count on Patent Bolt to give us a nice bulleted rundown of things to look for.

Before anything though, let me underline that, even if the patent filings are very recent, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Google smartwatch is a long way from becoming a commercial reality. Remember, Google and Motorola have been seen filing smartwatch-related patents for a good couple of years now, so these new papers are likely destined to just fill in some missing gaps. Or, you know, prevent another ginormous trial war from happening.

Having said all that, let us take a look at some of the specifics revealed by the new patents. First off, it appears Motorola is envisioning the future gizmo as more than just a watch. The thing could thus double as a smartphone, courtesy of a flexible display.

Intrigued? Well, you don’t know the half of it. Apparently, the smartwatch could work in a number of modes, including desktop, telephone, wristwatch, health monitoring, clock, calendar, gaming and media player mode.

The health monitoring aspect is actually the one most detailed in the new patents, with Motorola Google looking to cram a whole bunch of sensors on the smartwatch, including ones that will permanently check your pulse and heart rate for any unusual activity.

On that note, the gadget is said to detect user accidents, drowsiness, sleep, falls and sleep patterns, all of that culminating to the point that if the smartwatch observes an abrupt heart rate drop or abnormal vital signs, it can immediately alert the authorities to let them know you’re likely in trouble. Pretty cool, eh?

Besides these “wellness sensors”, the device is imagined to feature a touch-enabled display of unknown size, NFC circuits, an infrared sensor, accelerometer, GPS, dual microphones and, naturally, a mobile communication circuit to allow you to use the thing as a traditional phone.

I’m sure all that sounds pretty dreamy, but before jumping up and down with excitement, do keep in mind that these are nothing but sketches at this point and it’s nearly impossible to say when or if the Android-powered Google smartwatch will become reality. If you want a guess, I think something official will be announced by fall, but don’t count on that too much.

Via [Patent Bolt]

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