Mojang Release Trailer For New Game “Scrolls”


The creators of the hugely popular game Minecraft have released a teaser trailer for their new game named “Scrolls” the public beta for the game will be unleashed on June 3rd. Scrolls is a digital collectible card game kind of like the console version of Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering, this is the antithesis of Mojangs previous game, Minecraft was hugely popular for its building and exploration features.

Scrolls and Minecraft are similar in one way; allowing the user to access the software very early and inviting them to help shape the experience. Scrolls almost didn’t get to the stage of release because of a lawsuit between Mojang and Bethesda over the name, the dispute between the two companies was settled last year.

It will be hard for Scrolls to top the success of Minecraft; it’s really difficult for any indie game to top the success of Minecraft. It was a runaway success that blew up on the desktop and gained an even bigger fan base by moving to the Xbox as well. Mojang has reported revenue exceeding $100 million at this point, Minecraft is a massive part of this figure; Scrolls could help the company reach $200 million sometime soon.

Source – TechCrunch