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Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 commercial borrows Siri to attack iPad [Video]

Microsoft vs Apple war is on!

In the latest Windows 8 commercial aired by Microsoft, the company uses Siri to attack Apple. The commercial compares iPad and Windows 8 tablet side by side and points out the various drawbacks of the device.

win vs apple

The commercial starts off showing the live tile updates on the windows 8 tablet. Then the ad goes on to boast the various multitasking features on the tablet, which is not present on the iPad. All this while, Siri is narrating the various drawbacks of the iPad in the background.

The commercial continues to criticize Apple iPad for the lack of PowerPoint and ends with Siri saying should we just play chopsticks? The last scene we see is the price comparison of both the devices, in this case the Asus Vivo Smart Tab 64GB priced at $449 and the iPad at $699.

Clearly, Asus Vivo windows 8 tablet comes out as the winner in the commercial being priced much lesser than the iPad. Even the features shown on the commercial belittles the iPad.

If you look at the theme and the way the ad is presented, you will come to know that it looks a lot like many of the Apple commercials seen lately. Moreover, Microsoft has smartly made the use of the garageband app to play chopsticks which was used in many of the iPad Mini commercials aired last year.

Clearly, this time around Microsoft has done their homework and this might be one of the better ads that we have seen from the company recently.

The war between Apple and Microsoft has been going on for years now and with the huge amount of funding Microsoft is planning to put into these adverts, we are pretty sure that there is more to come.

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