Microsoft will only allow one user to play Xbox One game at a time


Microsoft is treading on murky ground when it comes to used games, with many fans of the Xbox 360 saying they will not purchase the Xbox One if it charges for used game sales.

A new report may be a welcome bit of a news for Xbox fans concerned with the used game stories. The report states Microsoft will not charge for Xbox One games, but will only allow one user access to the game.

This means if the game is sold, borrowed or given away for free, the console originally running the game will have a deactivated license and the new owner will become the sole owner.

On the lending side, this will mean a user cannot play the original game while a friend does, but once the friend is finished with the game they are allowed to give it back without being charged.

The Xbox One will completely install all the game when the disc is inserted, meaning all the data is there and the disc becomes redundant afterwards.

Microsoft has implemented this one user system to make sure nobody can give the game away or sell it while still playing it, this would lead to real damages to both the publisher and Microsoft.

Source: Polygon

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