Microsoft Lashes Out that Upgrades Don’t Mean Admission of Windows 8 Failure


When news came out that Microsoft is making changes to its new operating system, critics considered the move as an admission of Windows 8 failure according to TechRadar. Critics mocked the company and said that bringing the some features back from its predecessor would be a clear indication of the ultimate failure of the OS.

Among the drastic changes in Windows 8, which received a huge heat from their customers, is the removal of their traditional Start button. Even Microsoft was quick to admit that their survey has shown that majority of their customers did not like the move. So, as a way to get back the support of their users, the company announced that they will be bringing back the feature on their Windows 8.1, also known as Windows Blue. According to the source, the upgraded OS with refreshed features will be launched at the Build Developer’s Conference in June.

Financial Times likened the move of Microsoft in backtracking their product with the New Coke fiasco of Coca-Cola that happened nearly three decades ago. The report explained that the move by Microsoft to ax some its new features to give way to the removed ones will be like admitting commercial failure, like what Coca-Cola did.

Microsoft’s Defense

The PR guy of Microsoft, Frank Shaw, said that their move should be seen in another light instead of looking at it as a mere move to backtrack from the Windows 8 failure, because all that they are doing is following the demands of their customers. Any changes that they are doing now with their product are essential in its improvement, he said.

Citing the official Microsoft blog by Shaw, TechRadar said that the company executive accused the media of sensationalizing the move of his company just to generate publicity. Shaw lashed out that instead of looking at the decision of his company in a bad way, the media should look at the core of their action which is listening to their consumers and giving them what they want.

Source: TechRadar and Financial Times

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  1. If Frank X. Shaw is complaining that the public and the press misunderstand where the company is going then he is complaining that he himself is ineffective. He is the corporate mouthpiece. Our perception of the company is his responsibility. He is supposed to lead our opinion, not correct it. If as the vice president of corporate communications you have to lead a campaign for one of the world’s largest corporations on the basic theme “we have not died” not just once but FOUR TIMES, then it might be time to think about a new job where you could be at least marginally useful.

  2. Some of us depend on software that is made for Windows and Mac. If I only did coding then Linux would be wonderful, but I do design and trying to get photoshop or any of the other mainstays to work properly, or at least have a somewhat readable GUI, is a major pain in the rear.

  3. Got to agree with 2000 and XP. Still running those on file servers and the only time they need to be restarted are usually when the power goes out.

    But am I the only one with a Vista laptop that has never crashed or been infected in 5 years? It’s kinda hard to listen to all the ranting when it has been a solid system for me. Next upgrade will be a downgrade of sorts because I plan on making sure Windows 7 is installed instead of 8.

  4. I’ve used PCs since there weren’t even any Windows, and I’ve used every version of Windows from 3.10 onwards, and pretty much liked them all (though 3.10 truly was hard to like). I even kinda liked Vista.

    And nothing would make me happier than seeing Win 8 crash and burn. I didn’t think it possible to make an _insultingly_ bad OS, but Microsoft succeeded: I can see the “the users are full-on retards” attitude in every little detail of the OS. Windows 8 succeeded with something a dozen fanatical friends have never managed: it got me to learn Linux.

    And here’s the kicker: Linux Mint is easier to use and feels more at home to an oldtime Windows user like me than Windows 8 does.

  5. That’s dumb.
    Win 2K looked exactly like Win95 but it was slower and suffered many many driver issues, and the multiuser features were awkward. XP was nice, but Windows 7 is better in every way.

    Win 8 is a fiasco, and Win 8.1 will only provide minor cosmetic changes, the absolute minimum Microsoft thinks they can get away with and yet lure the armies of XP users expected to upgrade when Microsoft discontinues support for XP.

  6. Win ME Sucks! Win Vista Sucks. The rest are all great OS’s as of their release dates then following service packs making them more stable. 64bit is so much faster I can never go back, but I do like Win2k & XP explores the best. That extra click n scroll when the folders auto open and then drop to the bottom of the left column in folders view does continue to piss me off. And having to set everything to details view multiple times for each type of file, is very repetitive. It’s should ask you ONE TIME ONLY “would you like to see thumbnails for folders containing this file type from now on?” yes or no… For vids once, for pics once end of that. Window 8 is for touch screens. They should have set up the start screen more like the start menu when the OS didn’t recognize an touch device. No matter in the next couple years everyone will have touch screens on there desktops and 8.1 will be changed back to 8.0. again. Apple is for suckers who follow the hype. I’ve be using apple since OS 8 and X is more stable but… You have to click serveral more time to get anything done on the desktop even with shortcuts. My Macs have always crashed and hung more than my pc’s. And the Safari straight sucks!!! IE isn’t much better, still better though. Don’t get me started on flash and Mac. I do like the UNIX like shell on mac. All in all I can for the same money build a better top of the line PC than I can top of the line Mac. I’ve got the first firewire powerbook just sitting their cause OSX won’t support it. I’ve also got a old Pentium laptop 1GHz that is still running all day every day I use it like a web server. LINUX is very good stuff but the desktop requires alot of clickings as well and I use all of the adobe suite and lightwave and several other 3D apps none of which run on LINUX unfortunately.

  7. “Just plain idiotic statements.”

    That’s your truth, your reality, zitboi. I’m still running XP and have no need to pay hard earned cash for something that an arrogant teenager says is best.

  8. Umm… I haven’t heard anyone calling for Steve Jobs to be fired for Windows 8’s failure.

    Steve Ballmer on the other hand does need to go. He is a complete moron.

  9. I have worked with computers since the IBM mainframes. I have not been an operator just a user. I did program in COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL. I have used OS2, Linux, MS DOS, Win 3, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, and now 8 on PCs. I think Win 98 was a great combination of intuitive use and flexibility. If I could find hardware drivers for it, I would recommend it as THE system for beginners and seniors. From XP on I find MS OS’s to be more complex to use. I rarely play games, videos, or music. I use my computers for business programs. As s result I still use XP on my main computer. Windows 8 is difficult for me to find programs, documents, and organize them. That is why I refuse to upgrade my main computer past XP. If I am forced to upgrade from XP, I will drop MS completely for Linux.

  10. What???? Win2000/XP???? Those were very very good “OLD” OS’s, but… XP64 was the first step in the power users direction. Buyers of vista should have all got thier money back but Win7 64bit is so stable and user friendly I never need to restart my OS. Third party software on the other hand can be unstable and cause memory leaks and other software troubles possibley requiring a restart. If you really are a high end user you can fix this without a restart in windows. .Net on the other hand is very easy for Win users but has zero cross platform compliance! So is ultimately $#!t. Touch screens for desktops are already here, their prices are dropping rapidly and everyone will soon be loving windows 8 and forcing win 8.1 to act more like 8.0 again. In the mean time, just set up the start screen with all the short cuts that are normally in the start button menu and go to the bottom left corner and click, wal-la… 64bit/multi processing is here, stable and really really fast thank the goddesses earth, and I will never go back to 32bit because I’m a power user! Use the slightest force of touchscreen and be at peace you will.

  11. I found Windows 98 SE a huge improvement over Windows 95 SP2, in terms of stability. It also had to be reinstalled less often to keep it reasonably useable.

    I agree that W2k was a huge step up in terms of stability and functionality. It was the first version of Windows I rather liked.

    I think XP had a worse UI in a lot of ways than w2k (And I’m not referring to junk themes, I always just turned those off), but once I finally made the switch, I had even fewer stability issues with it than with w2k, and never felt the need to reinstall the OS on any of my systems that were already running it (Didn’t do this much for w2k, but still did it once or twice).

    Vista added very little useful (Other than better built-in drivers), and was a huge step backwards in UI. They split desktop properties tabs into separate windows, some of which could only be opened by buttons hidden several layers deep in their display configuration / theme stuff… And they kept the tab UI, so you get a tabbed window with only one tab for each window, which is bizarre and evil (I find this is the single most annoying thing about Vista that can’t easily be made to work somewhat like XP). It was also slow, and add a ton of UI cruft that was annoying, though most of it could be disabled until you got something that was mostly like XP/w2k.

    Windows 7 kept a lot of the XP bad UI, though it also got rid of a fair number of the most annoying elements, which made it a pretty significant improvement over XP. Also performs reasonably well. While I don’t love it, I can live with it, which I couldn’t say of Windows 7.

    I have yet to try Windows 8. I’ll probably end up getting it on my next laptop (Since getting a laptop with Win7 or Linux pre-installed limits choices quite a bit) and if I can’t live with it, upgrade to Win7.

  12. Amen! I have wondered the very same thing. I develop software and I could care less about seeing a Facebook post or tweeting while I’m working. I don’t care about touch. I need quick, fast and, most of all, STABLE! Windows 8 is HORRID! I have only loaded on ONE machine I own. The rest all run Windows 7 or Windows XP!

  13. 1) Disable Metro

    2) Add new tool bar to Taskbar pointed to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu ***may have to move some from user start menu folder to AppData***

    3) make toolbar small to show only Programs folder and drop-down menu

    4)Click drop down menu


    Optional Pin/Ribbon/Tile/Aerowwed Free Goodness:
    Re-enable QUick Launch…new toolbar pointed to C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch.

    All the underlying folders/files were never removed. Just obfuscated.

    I did this on my Server 2012 desktop with no probs. Of, course it already has a start menu, too. YMMV.

    “Number One! Re-enable!”

  14. I sense many apple fanboys here.

    How many of you actually use W8? Probably none of you. I transitioned to it for different reasons than the UI (better memory management and performance on my chipset and it was free for me), but I liked it almost immediately and it was much faster and easier to do what I wanted.

    Get your heads out of your backsides and think critically for once.

    (also the older OSes had their own fair share of problems such as being easy to hack, and XP had 4 SP to keep it going as long as it did. do the research you idiots)

  15. Bunch of little whiny babies out there who can’t get past their Windows XP days or don’t have the mental capacity to learn anything new without great difficulty. Windows 8 is really a great OS even without the START button. It’s not that necessary people. It’s less button clicks to go to the metro screen and find the program from all your favorites. I work on my computer all day and maybe once every few days I have to go to the metro screen. Otherwise, I’m on the desktop for the rest of the time. Many of you adults sound like a little 8 year girl whining of something so silly.

  16. I have worked with every OS from Microsoft, both client and server. I agree with most of your comments EXCEPT for Windows 7. Windows 7 is Windows XP improved. Windows 7 is rock solid and the best client OS of yet from Microsoft.

  17. Windows 8 is a dog with fleas. Microsoft claims 100 million copies sold. I say that claim is based on the OS being pre-loaded on computers the public were forced to accept. Hospitals and business still use XP Pro today. They see Windows 7 as a stable platform. Changes to the look n feel are a joke. Not only has Ballmer lost his hair but, his mind as well. Sell people what they want Microsoft – I hate the tiles the OS and for one will never buy it in any form.

  18. Stupid comment. Windows 7 is a superior OS in every sense of the word. XP was a POS that people used far too long.

    There is NOTHING bloated about Windows 7, in some categories it is even less bloated than XP was and out performs it. Memory requirements are higher but guess what? You want your video and graphics to be better than they were in 2001.

    Just plain idiotic statements.

  19. I love windows 8, i installed it on my Lenovo X60 Tablet and it runs great, this laptop is old but after i put 3GB of ram and a 250Gb harddrive it is a dream and it was so easy to figure out too, just took 10min and i was loving it and ill keep windows 8 on this laptop till it fails. i understand if you hate it and its on a desktop but the right computer makes everything. they based it around touch and not around mouse so thats why people dont like it much. still its not a failure its just them testing how far they can go makeing it all new.

  20. Removing the start button was a stupid decision but, using the “desktop” mode, Windows 8 is otherwise a good OS. Boot time is MUCH faster.

  21. 1990’s PR strikes back with political response to ‘when did Windows cease being useful’. Kind of like escalating the response to ‘when do you plan to stop cheating on your partner’.

  22. With that logic, all they need to do to continuously improve there OS is remove features people want then add them back. Voilà, improvement!

    The reality is, they first chose to ignore customers, removing the feature in the first place. Only after slow adoption do they choose to listen.

  23. I used Windows 2000 all the way through Vista, and Windows 7 Gold. It was stable, and solid as a rock. My PC was always on. I didn’t have the same PC, but I built it with Windows 2000 and had a hardware firewall. I held onto 4gb of ram with my core i7-900. My new PC runs with 8GB of ram now, though I want to really try out 32gb. Been running Windows 7 since RTM though. (I dual booted) Windows 7 to me seems to be the last version of Windows I will ever purchase. I turned off all the snazzy services and it runs better than Win2k does on this machine. Everything is sort of smoother in Windows 7. I didn’t like XP for the Activation, again with Vista and now 7. I am not a criminal so dont treat me like one. My next computer will either be a Mac or one with Linux because Windows seems to be dieing and MS keeps shooting themselves in the feet expecting to be able to stand.

  24. I have used every version of Windows since 1.0, and while I am not a great Windows fan, it is a useful tool. Of them, I find Windows 7 to be overall the most useful. Windows 8 does some things (boot time, disk management, driver support) quite well. Where it is lacking is in the UI, and you can fix that with Start8 or one of the free start button replacements. Face it – the UI was really designed for tablet / touch screen use, and is designed for users whose daily routine is very Facebook / Twitter / Music / Video oriented. For people who need to run actual applications, the Metro or whatever you want to call it quickly gets shelved, and up pops the desktop – sans start button, of course. Usable, but cumbersome, particularly if you are on a domain and have to access network resources.

  25. Microsoft Windows, the McDonald’s of Operating Systems.

    Everyone else has migrated to a UNIX based OS (Apple OS-X is UNIX). 98% of all supercomputers in the world are UNIX.

    There’s a reason for that.

    Microsoft is EXACTLY like McDonald’s. They made an inferior product but make it convenient, and throw a lot of B.S. advertising out there that has nothing to do with the quality of product. The result: Lemming customer.

    You’re don’t care about good food when you go to McDonald’s and you don’t care about a good operating system when you use Windows.

    So you get what you get. You’re an idiot if you promote Windows as great same as you’re an idiot if you say a McCheeze burger is on par with good sirloin steak.

  26. Hear, hear! I have no problem with Windows 8. Sure it required me to spend a day or two configuring it – but every new OS does. I am not a professional techie or a programmer but I had no trouble figuring it out. Why whine, just spend a little time?

    I never use the start screen or the “apps.” I take a quick glance at the weather and then move straight to desktop. I don’t miss the start button. I welcome the enhanced (albeit minor) features to the OS.

    My W8 is stable, loads like lightning and I am more than satisfied with it. Yes, I loved XP and 7 was ok but I think 8 is even better.

  27. Microsoft thinks every platform has to look and feel the same. But when I want to work on a large spreadsheet or create a user manual or run a proprietary program, I do not want to do it on tablet or in a tile. Sometimes you need a desktop that runs full blown applications not mobile apps.

  28. Ha!, maybe it’s just me but, that logo looks like your looking down into a toilet bowl…

  29. Windows 8 the worst of all os. Seems to do whatever it pleases. I too miss the start button.
    Will the changes be retroactive to current users of the system?

  30. and the solution is……..LINUX !!!!
    Do you really believe that your software runs better on 8 than on XP? Those who use their pc’s to work on knows that Microsoft is just eating your money. Who uses all the functions in office?(any ms office)? It’s just bull that they are feeding you and if you are into the “brand” thing, you will fall for it. Use LINUX and you can reboot when you need to buy a new pc….in ten years time again. Sorry gamers, talking about real computer users here!

  31. You think Windows 8 is bloated? I don’t understand your comment…. I find it faster because my install of 8 has no bloatware I can possibly find at all. Heck, the only driver I actually had to install was for my video card.

    Most features in windows 8 can be removed just like 7.
    I actually find it uses less ram for foreground applications and background apps are halted.

    Though I do admit, I miss the normal launcher. Start Screen is a cute spot to let me know I have a message or two but I prefer the desktop mode.

  32. I’m a developer. I work with both Linux and Windows on a daily basis and I have no bias other than “both are tools, get the job done.”

    It’s rare that I would take Microsoft’s side but honestly, Windows 8 is not “that bad” and to call it a failure (and for Steve Jobs to be fired) just shows how anti-Microsoft the general media truly has become. The people that complained that Windows 8 was “too different” are the same ones that complained that the previous versions of Windows are too similar and “behind the times” with respect to Tablet operating systems. Moreover, remember way back when Microsoft came out with the Tablet (long before Apple ever did)? Everyone laughed at them. Later, Apple did it the same thing and Steve Jobs was called a visionary.

    Microsoft is really hitting it on the spot that this over-zealous hatred of a brand-new operating system edition is a PR machine attacking them for nothing more than generating advertisement revenue. It’s “cool” to attack Microsoft, but say one bad thing about Steve Jobs and it’s Attack of the Fanboy Clones.

    If you people were half as zealous as you were biased, you would have burned Apple to the ground when the first iPods released were completely DRM locked, and burned Facebook to the ground when they REPEATEDLY changed their Terms of Service to sell your personal information and photos to companies. Where was everyone’s loud mouth when DMCA was on the Congress floor?

    So let me summarize: Yeah, Windows 8 has problems. So did all the previous versions when they came out. If it’s so terrible, grow a set of balls, shut your mouth, and download Linux.

  33. excellent comment; I find my self agreeing completely. Everyone forgets about w2k. My company is just now phasing out some w2k servers; they are that stable.

    I wouldn’t sell windows 7 short. Yes, it requires considerable computing resources, but it is not only stable but very useful. It’s a shame that they followed that up with such a pandering attempt to follow the IOS lead. Windows still owns the enterprise, but attempting to compete in the mobile market was a serious miscalculation.

  34. What was MS thinking when they put out this edition of Windows? I have 5 computers and two with W8. I’m not a novice, but I know that W8 is not user friendly — which has been voiced for months by other users. Sure, I can figure it out, but I don’t want a puzzle when I’m trying to use a computer.

    I welcome the upgrades, program fixes, or whatever they want to call them. What I can’t understand is why these problems weren’t seen by the most brilliant people in the industry before W8 was released for general use. Just fix W8. No judgments or apologies are necessary, required, or desired. Make it work.

  35. Yeah, complete rejection of thie steaming of failure that is Win8, a rushed GUI patch to make it marginally less unpalatable, and the ‘it’s not us, it’s the users,’ BS really adds to to: complete and utter failure by Microsoft.

    They really can’t do anything, in even a half-assed manner, without someone to steal good ideas from – something they obviously have forgotten.

  36. Call it what you will.. But windows XP was out for years longer then Vista, 7 and 8 combined.. Windows 8.1 proves that windows 8, vista, and 7 really are all failures compared to XP.. Which just goes to show, less is more in the world of Operating systems.. Best ones ever were still the smallest ones ever..

    Windows NT4 you could boot in 1999 and not have to reboot till the hardware died.
    Windows 95, new features, took some service packs to fix, but was really the beginning of the start button..
    Windows 98 was crap, which was followed by SE.
    Windows ME..
    Windows 2k was and to me is still the best windows OS.
    Windows XP Just as good as 2k, but was the beginning of the bloated OS.
    Vista…. HAHAHAH Crap… Bloated wasn’t the word..
    (I run 2k and XP, after Vista i went the other way, ill patch it myself)
    Windows 7. WAY BLOATED but stable..
    Windows 8.. Boat anchor
    Windows 8.1 Hopefully they figured it out after millions of dollars in loss.

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