Microsoft doubling down on Xbox One games with $1 billion investment


Microsoft will be developing a lot of in house content for the Xbox One and Phil Harrison, a VP for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, said they would be spending $1 billion on content.

At the event Microsoft announced the Xbox One will be getting 15 exclusive games and 8 will be new “franchises”, meaning the games will be likely to have sequels and running TV series.

This is something new Microsoft is trying to incorporate, the idea of TV shows running alongside the actual game and having possible movies about events within the world.

While it is nice to see Microsoft take a powerful emphasis on the lore of a game, like Halo, we wonder how Microsoft will distribute the content and if it will only be available on the Xbox One.

We have already heard the Xbox One will not allow indie self publishing or used game sales in the traditional sense, so it may be harder for gamers to enjoy the gaming aspect of the Xbox as they have done previously.

Source: VentureBeat

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