MediaFire Cloud Storage App will be Streamable Soon



MediaFire has recently sent out a press release containing information about a new update to their cloud storage app that will allow users to stream media content straight from the app itself.

The new update, which hasn’t yet had a release date pinned to it, will allow users to stream both music and videos saved to their cloud storage.

Despite MediaFire having a massive 30 million users on the desktop, the mobile app has currently underperformed when compared to other storage apps like Dropbox. This new feature will help them to compete against other cloud storage apps that offer the similar features such as Amazon’s Cloud Player.

On top of this, users will be able to download the cloud storage app and get themselves a free 50GB storage space for lifetime.

MediaFire has also added a few limited discounts to their other cloud storage packages, including a yearly $24.99 fee for 100GB online storage.

Source: Engadget

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