LG to demo 5-inch unbreakable and flexible plastic OLED panel at SID



Lg has hit the buzzer again. Yes, it has come with another exciting product to show off at SID’s annual display exhibition in Vancouver. Just last month we heard Lg to launch it 55’ curved OLED TV and now they will debut with their amazing 5 inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel specifically designed for the mobile phones.

The entire display is made of plastic which makes it flexible and at the same time unbreakable too. Undoubtedly an appreciated design. The development has come just at the right time when mostly people are using these expensive smart devices which have a risk of damage from drops and hits.

In addition to this the company also plans to unveil the 5- and 7-inch HD Oxide TFT Panels. The 5inch sized panel features a front screen panel that is only 1mm, thus giving it a borderless frame when installed in smart phones. Being light weight they consume less power too.

At the SID’s exhibition LG will also display 5 to 7 inch HD LCD panels based on the next TFT technology manufacturing high proficiency thin displays which consume less power. LG display, for the first time in world has utilized the same technology in their large OLED panel which will further widen their expertise in the business of LCD panel development.

The company also plans to limelight with their world’s narrowest front screen panels(bezel) including a 13.3-inch Full HD LCD Neo Edge panel for laptops with 1.5mm bezel, a 23.8-inch Full HD LCD Neo Blade panel for monitor with 3.5mm bezel, and a 55-inch LCD panel for video walls with 5.3mm bezel

Also, LG will have a 14-inch 2560×1440-pixel laptop panel in the pipeline, along with LCDs which will be used in the automotive dashboards and refrigerators.

LG is in forefront and is in a competitive position to lead the market with its unique and cutting edge technologies.


Source”: Engadget