LG Optimus G2 launch date May 30th

LG Optimus G2

Invitations have emerged from LG with the slogan ‘Save the Date’ with a side profile of the new Optimus phone, the phone has colour exploding from the screen probably to illustrate the fact that it has a super vivid screen. The camera is protruding from the phone which indicates that the phone will have a very high megapixel camera or an optical zoom.

LG vs Samsung

LG is continuing the screen wars with Samsung so we are expecting a very high res screen and with improved contrast ratios and higher brightness. This will be a brilliant result for the consumers because of the competition the consumers will be getting the best screen technology in there devices.

There has been no press release from LG saying definitely that the device pictured in the invitation in the Optimus G2, even though LG has been talking about the a new phone in the past few weeks with various press releases and pictures being released of a similar device.

This is a very strange period for LG since they have recently announced the Optimus G Pro and their biggest competitor Samsung has released the Galaxy S4, this will put pressure on to LG since their products aren’t getting the amount of attention that they’d hoped because of the new S4 release.

The Release Date 

The release date is set for the end of this month specifically the 30th in Macau, the phone is rumoured to release exclusively in the asian continent at first before being release in the US and then Europe. This means that it will fit in to the release cycle of the previous Optimus G series.

The new product from LG shows that LG has noticed that they are slipping in the mobile sector and need to step their game up,  LG compete in most of the electronic industry with Samsung for example TV’s, refrigerators ect. So this has engaged the competitive nature of LG and this will start a battle between the company to gain percentage by percentage a slice of the smartphone market.

Source – TechRadar

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