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ARM chips
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ARM, a known chip developer, announced that LG Electronics is now its lead partner for its Cortex-A50 group of processors. According to VR-Zone and Tom’s Hardware, LG has licensed the next-gen A50 and Mali GPU cores. The chip designer also said that the licensed GPU’s from Mali will have more improved performance capabilities than the previous Mali-T678 GPU.

ARM Statement

In the statement of ARM, the company said that the agreement will mean that LG will have primary access to its high-end CPU and GPU solutions in order to create market-leading solutions. It added that both companies already have a strong relationship which was built up over their past dealings. But this event will further strengthen their ties.

About the Processor

In the website of ARM, the Cortex-A50 Series is presently considered as ARM’s most important design. This is because it utilizes the ARMv8 architecture and it has a 64-bit support through its AArch64. The Cortex-A50 Series includes the Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors.

These new family of processors will pave way for many applications that use augmented reality, gesture control, mobile gaming, web 2.0 plus other applications for businesses and transactions. Aside from their strong performance, the processors are energy efficient as well.

The Series was unveiled in October last year. It is actually a bridge of the performance requirements of the next-generation 32-bit and 64-bit programs. The processors are capable of running independently or be combined into an ARM big.LITTLE processing configuration that will offer its maximum performance and energy-efficient features.

Head-to-Head Against Samsung

The Inquirer speculates that LG’s position as a lead partner of ARM for its Cortex A50 Series of processors might lead to a head on competition with Samsung in the future. However, the claim is not yet clear at this point in time said the same source.

Source: ARM, VR-Zone, The Inquirer and Tom’s Hardware

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