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Lenovo Attempting to Break the US Smartphone market within the Year

Lenovo Smartphone

Even though Lenovo is one of the fastest growing smart phone makers, they are yet to break into the American market one of the most competitive and large markets to break into. The CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanquing has given a public statement saying that the company is looking to enter the American market within a year.

Will it be too late for Lenovo entering the mobile sector in America this late in the game, they will have to work very hard to break into the market and set themselves aside from the other Android phones out there. Lenovo is breaking into the mobile market especially in large markets such as America because the PC market is beginning to slow down and saturate at least in the US.However the mobile market is exploding at the moment and is growing at an exponential rate, it is a perfect time to capitalise worldwide with the market growing in less developed countries.

Lenovo smart phones are proving very popular in developing markets such as Africa and Asia, they are dominating those markets and plan to work their magic on the American market and try to de-throne Samsung from their reign as top Android phone maker. There is no word on when exactly Lenovo intend to enter the American market or with which models they intend to bring to the US.

Source – Engadget

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