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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 Firmware Updates Show A Couple Of S4 Features

[Photo Source: SamMobile]
[Photo Source: SamMobile]
New Samsung Galaxy S3 software updates are underway. The said updates will sport some features of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 according to SamMobile. Based on the report, the former flagship smartphone of Samsung will benefit from the Android 4.2.2 update but it will remain to be a test firmware as of the moment.

The source pointed out that the new updates are already unofficially making their rounds online for all the people who might be interested. But it cleared out that the unofficial release of new software may be very risky on the part of the users’ devices.

Despite that, the leaked software will surely gain the attention of many Galaxy S3 users who are dying to at least have some of the latest features of the Galaxy S4. It should be added as well that the two devices have different set of hardware which may render some of the new updates glitchy if not tested properly.

The Leaked Updates

Among the features of the leaked updates are multiple lockscreens with customizable options and widgets. The interface of the Galaxy S3 will have a revamp as well to imitate the looks of the Galaxy S4. In addition, S voice options and driving mode updates will be provided for users of the former Samsung flagship phone.

However, it is not yet clear though if the Android 4.2.2 update will add the Galaxy S4 camera options to the Galaxy S3. But the source suggested that it may very well include it.

Official Release

The Android 4.2.2, also known as the Jelly Bean, will have its official firmware update on June said the source. So, for users who don’t want to run into risks, a less than a month wait is all it takes.

A Closer Look at the Update

Check out the video below for more information about the update:

Source: SamMobile

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