iWatch Release May Be Pushed Back To Late 2014 Due To Issues

The iWatch -- Hit or Miss?

It seems like the iWatch release is getting pushed back again due to some issues. It’s just like the Google Glass which was expected to be released this 2013 but sources say that it is going to be postponed again until 2014. But for the case of the Apple smartwatch, which has been called as “iWatch” by the media, it will probably be released by late 2014 according to Gizmag.

The Source of the Rumor

Gizmag’s basis of the rumor is Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who has a good reputation when it comes to picking up inside info from Apple. The analyst said that consumers should not get their hopes up regarding the iWatch release this 2013 because it won’t be happening until late next year.

The Causes of the Delay

Kuo explained that the delay was caused by software and hardware issues. In his statement, he said that Apple does not possess the necessary resources yet to finish its iWatch for iOS. One reason is that the components needed for the wearable computing device are not yet ripe on a developer’s standpoint. Thus, the mass production of the gadget year is not yet plausible.

Biometrics Feature

The analyst forecasted that the iWatch will sport a biometrics feature. He commented that it will play a crucial part in the device because it will enhance its security and add health tracking features.

Last year, Apple purchased the biometric sensor company called AuthenTec last year. So, Kuo has all the reason to believe that the next computing units of Apple, including the iPhone 5S and the iWatch, will come equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

Other Features

Kuo went on to say that the upcoming iWatch will have the same processing power and display technologies similar to the iPod nano. He added that it will also have a 1.5 to 2-inch display, as we have reported earlier.

Source: Gizmag and MacRumors