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iPhone 5 Heir May Have Twice as many Pixels


According to Chinese Wei Feng social network, the next iPhone, whether that turns out to be the iPhone 6, or the iPhone 5S, or some other kind  of iPhone that has been theorized since before the iPhone 5 even came out, will have twice as many pixels as the previous iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 currently stands with a ppi of 326, which adds up to around 730 thousand individual pixels. This would mean that the next iPhone would have a huge 1.5 million pixels, making the 4 inch display beautiful with a massive 460ppi.

The source also states that the new iPhone will have a thinner bezel, making us believe that Apple may be looking to find a better display panel to achieve the thin build.

Sharp has already had plans to build LCD panels for the Apple iPhone, so perhaps this will explain for the thinner bezel.

Personally, I’d prefer a nice large screen over a full HD display, however, if Apple can fit in enough pixels to create a nice 1080p display and still keep the bezel nice and thin, there really isn’t any complaining to do.



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