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iPhone 5 Hack Reportedly Enhances the Data Speed of the Device

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When Apple provided a software update last month to bring in unlocked iPhones to T-Mobile’s network, some users have complained about having troubles with their data speed according to Yahoo! News. But thanks to developers Sky Zangas and Joseph Brown, a way to hack into the carrier update was discovered which could bring faster data speeds.

The Full Signal website was very generous to share a way to do the iPhone 5 hack. However, please be reminded that The Droid Guy hasn’t tested the method presented by the site yet and we are merely relying information from a third party. Thus, we can’t really say the success rate or the risks involved with the process.

How Windows Users can Hack iPhone 5

For anyone who is interested to try the methods presented by the source, here is a step-by-step way to hack your non-jailbroken phone to boost its speed according to The Full Signal:

1. Connect your device to your iTunes. Back up your data to ensure that you do not lose anything in case the process is unsuccessful.

2. Access the “Settings” of your iPhone followed by “General”, “Reset” and all the way to the “Reset Network Settings” command. This will reboot your smartphone automatically.

3. Download the file for the hacked carrier update from this link.

4. After the download, your iPhone will boot up into iTunes. Be sure to decline any prompts to update your carrier settings. Then, enable iTunes to accept carrier bundles.

5. Perform the following in your command prompt:

a. For 64 bit: cd

Type “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes”

Then type: “ iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1”

b. For 32 bit: cd

Type “C:\Program Files\iTunes”

 Then type: “iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1”

6. Once you have entered the appropriate commands, click the “Update” menu for your iPhone 5 while pressing down the Shift key.

7. Next, navigate to the directory where you placed the update file called “TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc” and open it.

8. Reboot your phone to complete the task.

How to Restore Original Settings

If by chance you did not like the changes done by the iPhone 5 hack or you are having problems with the outcome, simply perform the steps presented above using the default file instead which can be acquired from this link.

Article Sources: Yahoo! News and The Full Signal

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