iPad Mini 2 won’t come with retina display


One of the main features missing from the iPad Mini is the retina display and many believe the next version of the smaller tablet by Apple will bring the high resolution display.

However, analysts seem to believe the iPad Mini 2 is unlikely to come with the high resolution display because the screens in question will not start being manufactured until late this year.

Release Date for iPad Mini 2

This means Apple will have to pull the iPad Mini 2 release date back to very late 2013 or early 2014, instead of this idea, they will release the iPad Mini 2 at WWDC and the next around Q1 2014.

The six month gap should be sufficient for Apple to redevelop the second generation iPad Mini and the third generation will come with the retina display and a faster processor.

iPad Mini 2 Features

It is not all doom and gloom for those hoping to get their hands on the iPad Mini 2 however, the tablet is suspected to have some upgrades in processor power and will come with iOS7.

The iPad Mini 2 will also be lighter and thinner than the previous version and Apple could be aiming to break records. We have heard they are manufacturing high grade ultra-thin glass, which has only just been developed.

Cheaper iPad Mini

Apple may unveil the iPad Mini 2 at a lower price point than the last smaller iPad and prices of the original will go down again. This may mean the iPad Mini will hit a $150 price point, with the second generation coming in at $230.

With many craving some cheap Apple products, especially in emerging markets, the cheaper iPad Mini may be a good way to bring something to the market at an adequate price, to boost sales in other territories.

In the US, the iPad Mini 2 is likely to hit another homerun for Apple, with the original shipping more than fifty million units so far.

Source: Cult of Mac