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iOS 7 to feature a major UI redesign

ios7Apple has always been in the run. In the Smartphone industry, it has proved to be one of the most significant Smartphone companies. Just recently, it was learnt that Apple will be launching the iOS 7, and that too with major changes or rather improvements. Apple has maintained a very steady graph over the last couple of years as far as consumer liking is concerned but one complain that everyone has is that Apple has not made some major changes in the design of its OS.

But this time, it is believed that the OS 7 will be one of the biggest reinventions of Apple.Apple has long been following the concept of skeuomorphism, a design that brings the look and feel of real world objects into software design. An example of this advocate is the shutter sound in the Camera application. Skeuomorphism has dominated iOS for a lot of years, thanks to Steve Jobs for bringing in the development.

It is believed by experts that Apple’s new iOS will bring about some major advancement to please users and potential customers. The previous iOS of Apple have been very typical and no significant changes were made from their respective previous versions but this time around, we are expecting something ‘different’.

It is also believed that the new iOS will come with a more flat look, after Android took on the same direction. So it is expected that there will be absolutely no gloss seen on the interface.

Many customers think that the idea of completely bringing in a new design might not work and that Apple’s customers will have to take care of many bugs and errors. Others have opposite views and say that the launch of the new iOS will definitely pull the company up further.

Also, many people are of the view that Apple does not need to change the interface as they are completely happy with it.


Source: Gsmarena

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