iOS 7 on iPhones and iPads Showing Up Ahead of Apple’s WWDC

Apple will be holding their annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) next month and already there are rumors on what goodies Apple may be dishing to the developers and its fans.  One of the most anticipated is the new version of their mobile operating system, iOS.  While there is high expectation that there will at least be a preview of iOS 7, mobile site conversion company Onswipe which leverages HTML5 to optimize websites for tablet screens has recorded a huge spike in mobile devices running on iOS 7 operating system over the last week.

ios 7

Onswipe reports that it recorded significant rise in the number of visits from iPhones and iPads running on Apple’s next major operating system iOS 7, all visits located in San Francisco and Cupertino.  The most iOS 7 visits recorded came out of San Francisco at 18.75% while 17.9% of recorded visits were out of Cupertino.  The highest number of iOS 7 traffic to day was recorded on May 2nd which account for almost a quarter of all the visits to onswipe-enabled websites.  Most of the unique visits recorded used iPhones (75%) and the rest were on iPads.

The most logical explanation here is that Apple may have been, or are still, testing this new operating system version before they announce it to the public.  Apple is expected to release the operating system to developers who are registered with Apple’s iOS developer program and after a couple of months of fine tuning and testing release them to the public or roll it out as an update.  The sudden spike in the number of iOS 7 users as reported by Onswipe is most likely a sign that Apple is aggressively testing the operating system before the launch during the Worldwide Developers Conference between June 10th and 14th.

Numbers are not all that onswipe noted.  The company also noted just what the visitors were looking at on the new operating system.  The report indicates that the users interested in stock price drama, vine’s updates that allows users to take selfies, turntables and kid cudi.  Tech Crunch reckons that the onswipe enabled websites visits are tuned for ‘stress testing’ the next Safari version.

At the moment, there is no concrete information as to what new features iOS 7 will bring but rumor has it that it will have a flatter visual style and most applications and core apps will have significant functionality enhancements.  I guess we will just need to wait for about a month before we know just what Apple has been up to.

Sources: Ubergizmo and CNET