Intel Appoints New CEO

A new CEO of Intel has been appointed they are ex COO (Chief Operating Officer) for Intel

Intel Brian Krzanich who was elected by the board of directors, he has taken over from Paul Otellini the old CEO of the company. Mr Krzanich will officially take on the role of CEO on May 16th on the day of the annual stockholders meeting.

Krzanich has been working for the chip goliath since 1982; what a way to mark your twenty-fifth anniversary of working for the company by being elected the new CEO. Krzanich will become the sixth person to become CEO of the company, but can he keep the company at the forefront of market and continue to dominate the processor market.

More Promotions

Intel’s board not only elected Krzanich as CEO they also elected Renee James as president of Intel, she will also assume the role on May 16th along side Krzanich at the company’s annual stockholders meeting.

The board of Intel seems to have picked the perfect people, Renee James was chair of Intel’s software operations that include McAfee, Wind River and Havok; she has also a leadership role in Intel’s research and development division. Brian Krzanich has had twenty five years of experiences and knows the company inside out, I don’t think there could be another person who is better qualified for the position at this present moment.

Will Intel Go Mobile

We’ll have to watch the actions of the newly appointed CEO very closely to see which way he will steer the company, especially since the mobile chip sector is ever increasing and becoming a very profitable market. Currently Intel’s stock price is at $24 per share, over the past year the stock has had some promising increases but the general trend is down; the lowest the stock has been is just under $20.

In my opinion entering the mobile chip market now will be a bold move because Samsung has gone basically unchallenged except from Apple who are making their own chips for their mobile products. Intel have the resources and the know how to make an exceptional chip for the mobile market and they could eventually dominate the mobile sector as they have done in the computer processor market.

Source – Gigaom