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Images Surface of First Tizen handset



For those that didn’t know, Tizen is an OS currently in development by both Samsung and Intel. It’s a mobile OS based on Linux, but currently hasn’t seen retail with any devices. However, the mobile OS that has now been under development for almost two years, may reach retail a lot sooner than expected if the screenshots from Tizen Greek Community are real.

The image shows a smartphone being run on Tizen 2.1, currently the most updated version of the OS. A model name for the phone, GT-I8800, is also shown, and has been manufactured by Samsung.

Could this be a real image or just a fake screen on something that looks like some kind of Samsung device? Either way, there’s no doubt that Samsung are planning on releasing Tizen into the market, despite their huge success with Google’s Android.

Would you be happy to move to a new OS if Samsung and Intel brought it into the market, or are you happy with the current offering? – What would you like in a new OS that isn’t currently available in any other mobile OS?

Source: Engadget via Tizen Greek Community

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