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HTC to Release a Google Edition HTC One


HTC are taking a leaf out of Samsungs book and are rumoured to being coming out with a special Google edition of their flagship phone the One, the announcement of this phone is expected to be next week. This is an obvious retaliation of Samsung getting their very own Google edition of the S4 and having it announced at Google I/O.

The HTC One is trying to compete with the Samsung S4 by selling 5 million units and Samsung having sold double that amount. HTC is going to have to bring something extra special to take Samsungs crown away from them, the Google editions of the Samsung S4 and HTC One would be very interesting to see how well they are received but they are nothing compared to the purposely built Nexus 4.

The HTC One on a hardware point of view is currently unmatched; it has the best possible design and build quality of a smartphone on the market today. The consumers that shy from buying the HTC One said that they didn’t like the ‘pure’ user interface that HTC uses on the device.

This move to Google editions would take the carriers out of the loop and then the user has the freedom to go to whichever carrier they want, but the downside of this is that the user will have to pay the full price of the phone which is around five hundred pound.

Source – Gigaom 

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