HTC to ramp up HTC One production volume in the coming months

The moment HTC One made it to the market; we knew HTC had finally made a winner. But later on when users actually went out to buy one, many had to return disappointed. HTC has not been the best of manufacturer’s when it comes to prompt supply of their devices and in the case of HTC One too we saw supply shortage. There were several delays in the launch of the device due to component shortage and the delay is sure to have affected its sales.

htc one

But looks like HTC has finally solved their component shortage issue as today, Jack Tong, the president of HTC North Asia stated that the production volume of the device is all set to increase in the coming months. According to Mr. Tong, the production volumes will double this month as compared to last month and it will further increase in June to meet the strong demand for their device.

 “Our capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May. We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June,” Tong said in the report.

The demand for HTC One has been high from the start but the shortage meant that its end user sales were disappointing. This year’s first quarterly reports have not been impressive either with the sales dropping by almost 50% as compared to last year.

Well, after AT&T planning to drop the recently launched HTC First, HTC will have high hopes on this device. And why won’t they, as for the first time in years, they have been able to create a device which can potentially beat the South Korean flagship device.

But if we were to compare the sales, HTC is not even close to Samsung as the company is all set to reach the 10 million mark next week. We just hope that at least starting now the company does things the right way and maybe we’ll see a steady rise in the sales of the device in the coming months.

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