HTC Rumoured to be working on a 6inch Smartphone


There have been rumours circulating that HTC are not far off from releasing a 6inch smartphone, the rumoured 5.9inch screen may not be what the public are looking for in a phone that needs to fit in their back pockets. The T6 could be the new flagship device for HTC that would get a lot of attention just from the size of the screen, if the specs are right and the operating system is a delight to use this device could go toe to toe with Samsung.

The rumoured 6inch device wouldn’t be the largest phone on the market that title still resides with the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. The T6 is bigger than some of the markets more well adopted smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG’s Optimus G Pro. The rumours that are floating around say that the screen will be a 1080p HD panel which is the same as the HTC One.

The HTC T6 is a rumoured device it may never actually hit the shelves but it does raise a few questions, like would you consider buying a device with a 5.9inch screen; thats the beginning of tablet territory right there. One more inch bigger and it would be competing with the Nexus 7.

Source: PhoneDog

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