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HTC One with Android for $599


HTC have finally making a Google edition of their popular HTC One phone, this comes after Samsung’s ‘Google edition’ Galaxy S4 was announced at Google I/O this month for $649 no contract needed. The Google edition of the HTC One will sell for $599 without any ties to a carrier just like the Galaxy S4, the HTC One running stock Android will go on sale June 26th according to Sundar Pichi who announced the phone at the D11 conference on Thrusday.

The phone will be sold directly through the Play Store just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android stock will be. It will be interesting which phone will sell the most units running Android stock, the HTC One has a better build quality and is $50 cheaper; the Galaxy S4 is a more popular phone selling twice as many units as HTC running their regular operating systems.

The downside to HTC getting the Google flavor is that the any software features that are created by HTC for the One will not be present in the Android stock software, you can add skins and such. You won’t get all of the camera modes provided by HTC Sense, but this is a small trade off for a brilliant Android device.

Source: Gigaom

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