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HTC One ‘Senseless’ edition running on stock android a possibility [Rumors]

Here’s more good news for HTC fans. If the latest rumors are to be believed then we may see a ‘Senseless’ edition of HTC One later this summer. The device would be running on stock android and the software will be without any manufacture specific apps or tweaks.

htc one

Earlier, when HTC was asked whether they would be releasing a Google edition ‘ONE’, the company outrightly denied of any such possibility. Maybe the company wanted to keep their plans under wraps, but whatever the reason maybe, now we may finally see a stock android running HTC ONE. The news comes from the same website which leaked the information about the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4, so we can say that this may be a possibility.

When the Galaxy S4 running on stock android was released last week, we saw many people getting excited over the device. Having the opportunity to use a device as powerful as the S4 on stock android is surely a dream for many. But if you are wondering whether the Google edition S4 forced HTC on to this route, then you may be wrong. According to the website, HTC already had plans for a Senseless version of the device and the recent release of the stock android version of its competitor would only have speeded up the release.

The company may release the device this summer itself, with the launch slated sometime in the next two weeks. So, it looks like the device would be made available almost around the same time when the Google edition S4 goes for sale.

However, we are wondering how the company will be able to manage without their camera and beats audio tweaks. During the launch of the device, the company had said that the software tweaks made the camera (ultrapixel) as well as the front grilled speakers as good as they were right now. So if we remove these software tweaks from the device, then the camera and the speakers may not be as good as the original one. Well, what’s the use of the HTC One running on stock android if it has a crappy camera and not so good speakers?  If this is the case, then the device would surely suck. But if that’s not the case, i.e. even without the software tweaks the camera and the speakers perform well, then again HTC will be in trouble as people would start wondering the real use of HTC’s software.

Wow! Looks like a delicate topic and we hope that the company takes this point into consideration if they announce this device.

It would also be interesting to see whether the company sells this device via the play store or company sales channels. Having the options of HTC One, S4 and Nexus on the play store will surely excite as well confuse a lot of android enthusiasts.

With the same software running on these two devices, the competition becomes equal and it would be interesting to see which device is preferred by the customers.

So which device would you buy if you had to choose between the two?


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