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HTC One Price Comparison, Amazon $148, Verizon Announcing on May 22nd at CTIA?

verizon-special-announcementVerizon Wireless is due to make a big announcement at the CTIA in Las Vegas on May 22nd.  With the announcements of the Galaxy S4 and Lumia 928 out of the way, the logical announcement for Verizon would be to reveal the release date of the HTC One at the conference.

Verizon had been holding back on carrying the popular HTC One, presumably to keep the HTC DNA on their shelves for as long as possible.  Being the exclusive carrier for the HTC DNA since its release date in November of 2012, Verizon may have been obligated to carry the HTC DNA for the past six months before HTC agrees to release the HTC One.  Now that the HTC DNA buzz has leveled off, and selling at a deep discount of $19.99, Big Red should be cleared to carry the One.

If you cannot wait for Verizon to release the CDMA version of the HTC One, the phone has been released on other carriers for almost a month by now.  Below is a detailed comparison chart of the latest prices offered by the carriers and third party companies.

htc one

HTC One Deals.  Price Comparison:

Note: if you find other stores or carriers offering this phone, please let us know by commenting below or use the contact us form found at the top.

Click on the carrier names at the top row of this chart to sort by price.

*Prices as of May 12th

[table id=9 /]

Quick notes about these prices:

  • AT&T is the place to go for the 64 GB version, that model has not been seen on other carriers.
  • If you compare apples to apples, you can get the HTC One for AT&T on Amazon for $148, by far the best deal anywhere.
  • Verizon Wireless officially does not carry the HTC One, but that may change.  Speculations are that Verizon will announce its release date on May 22nd at the CTIA in Las Vegas.
  • The Sprint model is generally available on third party stores.  The cheapest option is at Amazon for $99.99, which includes a $50 discount for new customers.  For existing Sprint customers, the price is still at a low price of $149.99.   If you prefer to buy direct from Sprint’s store, the phone will run you $99.99, but keep in mind, that price includes a $100 discount to switch service.  If you are a current Sprint customer, the upgrade will cost you $199.99.
  • T-Mobile has a unique phone plan that was updated recently, and with that plan, T-Mobile can offer a slightly better deal upfront.  The deal will cost $99.99 for basically the down payment, then the user is expected to make $20 monthly payments for 24 months.


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