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HTC may release a liquidmetal smartphone later this year

According to rumors HTC is planning to release a Smartphone made out of ‘liquidmetal’ later this year. Now this would be a smart move by the company given that HTC One’s  biggest selling point was its aluminum finish.

htc liquidmetal

As you may have noticed, people like the aluminum finish on the HTC One and one of the major reasons for people choosing One over the S4 was this metal finish. Agreed that S4 is a good looking phone but it’s not good enough to beat Htc’s metal finish.

A report by Digitimes state that the Taiwanese manufacturer is considering new age metals like liquidmetal to make their smartphones. In this regard, the company is planning to partner up with the Taiwanese chassis maker Jabon International. Reports further suggest that HTC has hired an R&D team from Japan to assist them in the process.

If this rumors turn out to be true, then HTC would be the second smartphone manufacturer to consider the use of liquidmetal for making smartphones. Earlier, we had seen Apple sign a 2 year contract with Liquid Metal Intellectual based in US which indicated that the company may be interesting in using the technology in future iPhones.

However seeing the huge demand for aluminum finish, analysts predict that the company won’t be relying on liquidmetal for all their smartphones. So we may only see one or two phones initially made with liquidmetal.

As expected HTC and Jabong declined to comment in this matter.


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