HTC M4 Press Shot (Ev)Leaked, Aluminum Unibody and One Design Language “Confirmed”

Although some, including yours truly, still don’t think HTC’s One is better than Samsung’s Galaxy S4, it’s at the worst a close second in the high-end smartphone ranks and likely a future sales hit. But in order to become one of the greats (again), HTC needs more than One hit.

Fortunately (for them), it looks like a second winning device is in the works and ready to hit the ground running come June or, at the latest, July. This new baby is not a flagship phone, but it will probably look like pure gold for those of you that dislike super-sized handhelds.


Meet the M4, a fellow that’s been furiously making the rumor rounds since before the One was official and that now is being pictured for the first time. As suspected, the thing looks basically like a shrunken down HTC One, which is why it’s everybody’s guess it will be branded as the One Mini.

If we’d be in a kidding mood, we could say an HTC 0.5 name is also in the cards, but let’s just focus on the facts for now and leave the bad puns aside, agreed?

Right, so what do we know about the M4? Well, for sure, not much. But, since this alleged press pic has been leaked by trustworthy Twitter user @evleaks, we’ll be taking it for granted. And judging by the image, it’s obvious the phone will rock a unibody design, with the casing most likely made out of strong and sleek aluminum.

The display’s size is probably around the 4.3 inches mark, “confirming” already existent rumors, while the spec sheet will apparently include things like a 720p display, an undetailed dual-core chip clocked at 1.2 GHz, 2 gigs of RAM (!!!), a non-removable 1,700 mAh battery, 4G LTE speeds, an UltraPixel camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

That’s definitely not the greatest list of features ever and it’s in many ways inferior to Samsung or Sony’s upper mid-range contenders, but if HTC manages to hit the pricing sweet spot, the “One Mini” should not disgrace its bigger brother’s name.

Now the question is what exactly is that sweet spot? $450? $400? $350? You tell us.

Via [Phone Arena]