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HTC likely to cancel its plan for a 12 inch Windows RT tablet

Reports suggest that HTC has cancelled its plan to release a full sized Windows RT tablet and instead the company is going to settle for a small 7 inch one.

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According to Bloomberg, HTC decided to scrap the idea of a large surface device due to the weak demand for Windows RT tablets. Windows RT has not been a popular OS since its launch back in October and according to IDC, only about 200,000 of those have been sold in the first quarter of 2013. So even if these rumors turn out to be true, we won’t be surprised. The sources further add that producing a 12 inch tablet was naturally more costly for the company and hence, the company would have been forced to charge a higher price tag for the product, which would weaken the already low demand.

But HTC still plans to release a 7 inch version of the Windows RT tablet. According to the company, the smaller version would appeal more to the customers especially after seeing that the demand for smaller tablets is much more than larger ones. Moreover, the lower price tag would improve the chances of the tablet being successful.

Well, this might be a smart move by the company, especially considering the fact that it cannot make any more mistakes. Back in April, HTC had announced the first facebook phone, but it turned out to be a big disappointment. With a bad financial quarter and several changes in the upper management, the company has to be careful in the products they invest.

The tablet market has been growing pretty rapidly and even threatens to overtake the huge personal computer share by 2015. But will HTC manage to profit from this huge growth?

Well, we can only answer this question after the tablet is released later this year.

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