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HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM Revealed By Benchmarking Website

htc 600
Screenshot of the benchmark from GFXbench.

Although the HTC One is very popular with consumers and it is somewhat comparable with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of performance, features and plenty of other factors, it seems like its company is also focusing on the development of the HTC Desire 600. The new phone has been revealed recently by a benchmarking result which was featured by GFXbench.

According to the benchmarking result, the HTC Desire 600 will feature a dual SIM. That means you can easily switch from one service to another using it and this will let you shop around for better deals conveniently too. However, GSMinsider pointed out that there might be a single SIM variant as well for people who are not interested with a smartphone with dual SIM feature.

Other Revealed Specs

The specs of the HTC Desire 600 which were revealed by the benchmarking document were its operating system, processor, speed, screen size, chip and resolution.

Based on the result, the unreleased smartphone will have the Android 4.1.2 operating system also known as the Jelly Bean. Then, it will have a processor that is capable of running up to 1.2GHz.

Although there was no mention about the kind of processor that it will possess, GSMinsider speculates that it might be the 1.2GHz MediaTekMT6589 quad-core hardware.

For its screen, it will have a resolution of 960 x 540. Moreover, its display is said to measure around 4-inch.


The source claims that the smartphone will be manufactured by HTC Europe. Thus, it is obviously bound for the European market.

So far, there are no details yet about its pricing. In addition, there is no confirmation yet if it will be available in the U.S. or other regions. But keep on checking out our site for more coverage of the product, because HTC might consider offering it in other locations outside Europe too.

Sources: GSMinsider and GFXBench

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