HP refreshes its laptops for back-to-school season

hpNow that the summers are here and intel Haswell launch Is just around the corner, so here is the time that a lot of PC makers would undrape the curtains on their latest summer line. Just two weeks back we heard out from Sony, and now its HP’s turn to refresh their laptops. HP just rejuvenated its everything from mainstream computers to its high featured machines. All computers will be offered with Haswell except the Hp Pavillion touch smart notebook.


  • Hp Envy touchsmart 15: this will be the substitute to the current dv6 costing $529. For improved audio quality not only has this laptop got a pack of four speakers which is a plus since usually laptops have two speakers but also comes with a subwoofer. It will be offered with a blend of both  intel and AMD processor with a 15.6 inch screen size (1920×1080)pixels. This laptop has enormous entertainment features and the graphics compliment it for high definition games. Hp Envy touchsmart 15 is exped to arrive on June 26.


  • HP Envy 17:  HP has also announced it new HP envy 17 which is an eminent hit to Hp Dv7.  It has a 17.3 inch(1920×1080)pixel screen. It will be offered with intel or AMD processor and NIVIDIA Graphic card. This laptop has a very slim and light design offering upto 2TB of sstorage, four speakers and a dual-drive subwoofer with a price tag of $699 and up,


  • HP Pavillion 11 touchsmart: the Pavillion Touchsmart 11 is the successor to the 11inch dm1. It has a (1366×768) display with a 11inch screen size and customized choice of A4 or A6 processor. The hp pavilion 11 got a 10 point capacitive touchscreen and comes with a removable battery. Other specs and features include, aluminum pal rest, VGA and HDMI output,three USB ports,Ethernet jack and SD reader. It will be coming on june 26th with a price tag of just $399.


  • HP Pavillion 14,15 and 17: HP pavilion 15 will be the only laptop among these three to be available with touch screen at the launch. All three will come with AMD or Intel processor with upto 1TB of staorage capacity, premium SRS soung system and (1366×768) pixel screen resolution. These notebooks are expected to enter the market by june 5th with a price tag for pavilion 14 ($479), pabillion 15 ($429) and pavilion 17($449).

Source: Engadget