Googles All Access Music Service app to come to iOS in a Few Weeks

Google PlayGoogle has added their All Access service on to the list that are coming shortly to multiple platforms, one of them being iOS. The announcement that the service would be coming to iOS was made at D11 conference by Sundar Pichi, Googles Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and apps. Google Play Music All Access service is Googles answer Spotify and was previously exclusively available on Android and Web.

The All Access music streaming service was announced at this months Google I/O event, they showcased the major revamp of their Play Music section. Sundar Pichi also said that it is part of Google’s DNA to bring all of their services to as many platforms as possible and reach out to their audience using many different platforms.

When the app eventually does come to iOS it will sit along side the rest of the many Google apps and will allow you to have access to you Google music account and stream music via the service to their iOS devices. Googles approach is different to competitors since they do own Android and most company would try to attract customers by the apps and the functionality; Google releases there services for everyone to use.

Source: TechCrunch

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