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Google to Offer Unlocked Galaxy S4 with Stock Android Starting June 26 for $649

The rumors we started hearing yesterday turned out to be true we are going to see Google-branded Samsung Galaxy S4 in the market from the last week of June.  The unlocked phone to sell on Google Play store will come with stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google revealed this today.  This comes as a big surprise and relief to many buyers who wished they could get an S4 with stock Android operating system, unlocked and without all the bloat ware that most carrier phones come with.  This is the first non-nexus device that Google is ‘adopting’ and selling on Google Play store, but this is understandable since the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one-of-a-kind smartphone with all the features a phone could have integrated in the 5 inch device.

Google Samsung Galaxy S4

Google will sell the unlocked and stock Galaxy S4 for $649, without a contract.  The phone will be usable on T-Mobile and AT&T in the US according to Google and those who like to mod will have a burden lifted off them as the phone will not only be sold unlocked, but the bootloader will also be fully unlocked.  This means that buyers will be free to install their own system software such as customized ROMs by CyanogenMod.

A $649 price tag is not cheap, but this is a price most of us would be willing to get the S4 for to get an unadulterated Android experience combined with the powerful S4 hardware and all the sensors and features that Samsung stuffed in there.  Google announced the coming of the Google Edition Galaxy S4 today during the I/O 2013 that kicked of today.  Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone has been on the market for about 5 days and it is already recording over 6 million shipments around the world.  Prediction of the Google branded Samsung Galaxy S4 being the Google I/O Keynote started doing rounds and it turned out to be just what Google had planned.

Isn’t it interesting how the Galaxy S brand of smartphones has gained so much popularity, to the point Google is branding some of its units.  We wonder what this means to the Google (or Motorola) X Phone that had been rumored to be in its last stages of design and production but which Google is said to have abandoned it for Motorola to develop on its own.  The I/O is still on, so let’s keep our ears and eyes open.

Source: Google I/O 2013 via TechCrunch

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