Google to be Releasing a Spotify killer at I/O

GoogleGoogle is in prime position to release a music streaming service and they are rumoured to announce the Spotify killer during I/O the companies conference where they announce their up and coming products. Google has the man power and the resources to make a really great competitor to Spotify and it will be built in to your Google accounts that you already have.

They will be have a lot of stiff competition in the streaming music space, they have other internet Goliath’s such as Apple, Amazon and Rdio. As of yet Apple doesn’t have a streaming service ready for launch but with the recent leak of Daft Punks new album they are streaming the entire album until release. Apple is more than well equipped to release a music streaming service, they have data centers that could make Spotify weep.

Google Taking Out the Smaller Guys 

The big silicon valley companies will leave the smaller guys like Spotify and Rdio without a leg to stand on, the smaller streaming guys will have to come out with some very innovative features to keep a majority of their users. Spotify has already thought of their users on the move and have an app in both the iOS and Android app stores.

Analysts have predicted that the revenue will increase by 40 percent this year which will bring it up to $1.7 billon. Negotiations have been long and arduous but they are at a point in the development of the product and the negotiation between the major three music labels where they can release the product.

More Subscription Services Coming

According to rumours the streaming service offered by Google will be roughly $10 without a free model, there is no word on the status of the Apple’s streaming service; Google and Apple have had a race to bring out the best and be the first to bring out a music streaming service.

Google is also reported to be releasing a YouTube subscription service as well as a dedicated music streaming service, this is a very bold move for Google to move to from a model that allowed their users to use all of their services for free; to a model where they have to pay for certain services.

Source – TechCrunch

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