Google now Recommends Content for you on Mobile Sites via Google +

Google Plus Google is using their Google + product to expand themselves on the mobile front, they are launching a new mobile content recommendation service; this service is tied in with Google +. The content recommendations will appear in you’re mobile browser and they will only appear on sites that Google themselves has partnered up with for this venture which include the likes of Forbes.

The recommendations will appear as a widget, you don’t even have to be logged in to your Google account for them to appear. More sites can join in on the mobile recommendation game by adding a single line of code into their sites.

Google + Integration 

The recommendation section pops up in the bottom section of your screen it looks like a red Google + logo in the corner, the title of the recommendation will pop up and when you click on to that tab it expands so you can sift through the many other recommendation. To view a recommendation properly you just have to click on it in the fully expanded tab.

Google tailors these recommendations for you as long as you have a Google + account because the recommendations are based on social recommendation from your Google + friends. The recommendation tabs will include recommendations from your various circles and articles you might like that come from Google’s partner websites.

Possibly a Full Desktop Version

This is a move to get more people using Google + or to use it more frequently so that the recommendations can get more and more accurate as to what you will like to view. The small pop up doesn’t interrupt your browsing and when you continue to scroll down the page the pop up will go away.

This feature is only available for the mobile versions of what ever sites that you visit on your phone, this could be the start of a new universal Google feature; if it takes off then it won’t be long until recommendation hits the full desktop version of your favourite sites.

Source – TechCrunch 

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