Google H840 could replace the abandoned Nexus Q


The Nexus Q was a short lived project, revealed at Google I/O, it was abandoned a year later due to poor sales. Questions were raised on the price of the media streamer and what the user would get for their money.

It appears Google has dropped the name and is going for a new media streamer, codenamed the H840, which just arrived at the FCC a few days ago.

Google decided to keep everything closed in the FCC filing, apart from the fact it is capable of streaming media. The filing did not contain an image, so we cannot even tell if it is going to be a huge redesign.

We did not see any hardware at Google I/O, with Google sticking to developers, software and services. We may see this new streaming device and the missing phones and tablets at another conference in a few months.

Source: Android Community

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