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Google Glass will allow iPhone User to see Texts along with Navigation


Google GlassAt the moment even thought Google Glass hasn’t been released to the general public to see text messages and navigation using the device you have to link Glass up to an Android phone and install the app that allows glass to pair up and utilize the phone. Rumours from within Google state that Glass companion app will becoming very soon to the iPhone.

Rumours about Glass

Other rumours have stated that in a few iteration of the software Glass will be able to work independently of the device that it is paired with, also still be able to show you texts and navigation with out the companion app as well. Glass uses Bluetooth or wi-fi to connect to the smartphone and it will display your information, but if you want to view Glass notifications such as whats the weather like in Italy it will need an internet connection such as wi-fi or a tethered connection from your phone.

If you want to use Glass outside the range of a Starbucks or anywhere that offers you free wi-fi then you’ll have to add tethering to your phone plan, this is on top of the $1,500 price tag for Glass itself. Glass has a built in compass but it doesn’t have a fully fledge GPS and so it needs to depend on your phone to provide it with data, Google say that it will become a totally independent device in the up coming years of it’s development and software updates.

Glass with iOS 

The addition of the iPhone being able to sync up with Glass means that their potential user base will increase dramatically when Glass is finally released, they will have covered to two major bases that will draw in users; the bases being Android and iOS.

It will be interesting to see if Glass will display Apple maps or their own, since Apple stopped using Google Maps data on the native navigation app, Google has had to release their own iOS maps app. Not everyone will have adopted the Google Maps app, they might also just skip that solution and use location data or access the internet via your phone to retrive Google’s turn-by-turn navigation data.

Source – TechCrunch

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