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Google Glass Does Not Want Apps That Profit Developers

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The Google Glass is not yet available in the market. However, many developers are already looking for a way to exploit the features of the device by hacking into the Glass Mirror API said Business Insider.

As soon as Google handed out their new product to developers, many came up with a way to enhance its use. Some even successfully rooted the Google Glass within days, as we have published here before.

When the news source interviewed two developers who attended the Google Glass Foundry hackathon, they stated that they already made a few apps that could be integrated with the new device.

Google made it clear though that developers cannot charge for their apps in any way said the source. That also prevents them from placing ads in their programs, the report added.

The Driving Factor of Developers

Despite the ban by Google for developers to make money out of their apps, many of them are still driven to build programs for the Glassware.

Michael DiGiovanni, a developer who came up with the wink-activated Google Glass app, said that it’s not just about the money but the long term effect that it could bring his career. He explained that using his apps to excite people will enable him to become a forefront of a new technology which he can add to his resume.

Jonathan Gottfried, a developer from Twilio, seconded the statement of DiGiovanni. He said in his interview that he is just taking advantage of being the first to introduce a technology in the market. In addition, he commented that he is also trying to satisfy the utilitarian needs of customers.

It should be remembered though that once the Google Glass goes into the market and gets into the hand of individuals, they are already free to enhance it in any way they want. That includes buying apps from developers if they want to further improve its features. So, that could be a different story later.

Source: Business Insider

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