Google Buzz to finally close down on July 17

Google is officially closing down Buzz on July 17th, a considerable amount of time after it announced its future shutdown back in October 2011.


Users of the social network, however, will still be able to read what they posted in the past, thanks to Google’s decision to move the data generated on Buzz to Google Drive.

Google explains that the data will exist as private and public types of files. The private type collects all the posts made by the user, whether public or private, and will be available solely to that user. The public type, on the other hand, groups the posts that the user shared with the public. Being public, it will be searchable from Google’s search engine, available to people who have a direct link to the posts, and may be linked to one’s Google Profile. These, however, are only the default settings, and may be changed by users after Google finishes transferring the data from Buzz to Drive. Users are also given the choice to do as they please with the data once they have been moved to Drive. Like other files on Drive, such data may be downloaded or removed.

Google advises those who would want to keep their past comments from being made public by their contacts on Buzz to remove such content. Meanwhile, those who do not want the Buzz data to be transferred to Drive may simply delete their Google Buzz account. Saving the data to Drive, however, will not lessen the amount of Google’s allotted space for a particular user.

The shutdown of Google Buzz is just one of the Mountain View company’s efforts to unite its social networking services under Google+. Already, the company had closed down other services such as iGoogle so that it can focus its efforts on Google+.

Apart from this, it is worth noting that Buzz was not a popular Google service, especially when it became involved in lawsuits regarding what were perceived to be violations in privacy back in 2010. Buzz was unsuccessful, as well, in competing against the social networking giants Twitter and Facebook.

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One Reply to “Google Buzz to finally close down on July 17”

  1. Yet another lesson-not-learned by Google who is continuing to fall into the same trap Microsoft fell into in the early 2000s. In trying to compete with lots of other companies and products too far outside their areas of expertise, Google is letting their core products languish. Google Buzz should never have happened in the first place. They should have continued focusing on the stuff they’re good at. Meanwhile, competitors like DuckDuckGo are at the gates and on the verge of surpassing Google by providing a superior search engine that doesn’t track your every move.

    Just got off all Google products a few months ago for exactly this reason. Getting a little tired of being their guinea pig. And it’s been great knowing I’m not being data-mined at every turn. Google is becoming synonymous with failure and is headed for a very long, painful descent. I won’t be going along for that ride.

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