Google and Microsoft work on Youtube app for Windows Phone together

youtube windows There has been a lot of heat between Microsoft and Google over the Youtube app for Windows Phone, Microsoft without permission built their own Youtube app for their platform but did not allow any ads. The app also had the ability to let the users download the videos right from the app a feature that is yet to pop up on Youtube.

In a strange turn off events the two companies released a statement today stating that they would in fact be working on the a new Youtube app that would allow Youtube to publish their ads on the app, but with Microsofts input. Microsoft will replace the app with the previous version of Youtube until they are ready to push out the new app that had both Google and Microsoft working together.

This has came as quite the oddity because never before has Google said to a company that as long as you meet our requirements and use our API’s you can add you’re own spin to the app and design. This could start a new trend of Google allowing other platforms to build their own Youtube apps and give their own unique style to the app.

Even though Microsoft and Google are competing companies in search but this situation shows that the two technology giants can come together and make something that will benefit the users.

Source – TechCrunch 

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