Google and Facebook could be in locked bidding war for Waze

waze waze

Google and Facebook may be locked in a bidding war for community based location service Waze. The startup is currently private and funded through venture capital, but it may be looking to sell into a larger establishment.

With the two big $1 billion acquisitions each leading to the purchased company working as usual without any real change, other startups may be more inclined to seek out an acquisition, as long as they get to keep working and integrate features easily.

Facebook could be in a position to do this deal, especially with previous experience acquiring companies working well for the company. Instagram continues to be a huge juggernaut in the photo sharing world, with 150 million active users.

With Google, it is questionable, their biggest acquisition for Motorola has not made the company any profit and the two are still split, with many saying Google should build Motorola devices in house with stock Android.

Both companies are involved with mapping and Waze would offer technologies and 30 million active users. Google recently announced new movements in their Maps for mobile and web, so it may not be the best time to by a competitor and try to integrate the service.

Apple was supposedly trying to lock in a deal with Waze, but Cupertino dropped out of talks. We are not sure why, the company has enough money to make this deal happen, however it has never really made huge investments for companies.

It may be a two horse race for Waze or there may be more bidders hidden who are trying to claim the location and maps app.

Source: Bloomberg

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