Google adds underwater view of the Galapagos Islands to street view


Google MapsGoogle has went above and beyond expectations with there new mapping of the Galapagos Islands as well as going underwater with their equipment, the crew that captured the picture spent 10 days hiking around the Island. The daring crew even went down the carter of an active volcano. At the moment the photos are being processed and linked together they are expected to be live on Google Earth/Maps later this year.

The equipment used on this expedition included a 42-pound computer backpack, with an orb mounted on top of a poll for each of the crewmembers. The orbs had 15 cameras inside them that capture panoramic views, it was just land that they planned on capturing on this trip. Google worked alongside The Caitlin Seaview Survey to capture underwater 360-degree views of selected areas.

This is a brilliant idea to map what is under the sea since 70 percent of the earth is covered in water, it would be a unique and brilliant idea for Google to take the plunge and map coastlines and places of interest. The places of interest being the Bermuda triangle and places where famous ships have sank.

Google is on a mission to map the world and it would be defeatist to just stop after mapping all of the streets, roads, trails and land; why not map the oceans of the earth, it has never been done before so they would be pioneers in this area.

Source – HuffingtonPost