Google adds Notifications to Chrome OS and Web apps

Google Chrome

Google has now added the ability to add push notification to developers web apps for Chrome the browser and Chrome OS, Google’s Cloud Messaging for Chrome will allow web developers to send messages to Google’s servers; the message will then be transferred to the browser in real time.

Push Notifications Finally Available on Chrome Browser and Chrome OS

This will mean that third party developers to send information to users of Android, Chrome and Chrome OS. This will allow the users to be updated on the latest sports, stocks and weather; this will depend on the users preferences whether they get prompted about everything or just very important breaking news.

The Cloud Messaging system was announced at Google I/O at year for Android, the feature has trickled down from Android to the Chrome operating systems and the extensions for the browser.

The Benefits to Users and Developers

The current model that developers have to use until the Cloud Messaging service is ready to be rolled out, had the apps constantly checking back to their own servers to see if an update is ready; this is a terrible waste of bandwidth and battery life. The new system will lift the burden from the developers shoulders and will improve the users battery life.

The only catch to this new push notification service is that the users of Chrome and Chrome OS will have to be signed into their Google accounts for the service to work correctly.

The notification in Chrome won’t be in your face as to distract you from what you’re doing, they’ll be presented in the nice Google design fashion. For Android users this will be a very normal thing to see in Chrome, but for iPhone users who also use Chrome this may be a little alien to them.

Source – TechRadar

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