Gmail redesign may be announced on Wednesday

The new Gmail, which Google has supposedly redesigned for its mobile and Web versions, is expected to be announced officially on the Gmail Blog at 4 PM GMT on Wednesday.

Rumors of the Gmail refresh began some time ago when an anonymous tipster sent information along with screenshots to various websites.

The revamped Gmail features several tabs that will organize e-mails into different categories Among these are: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

Primary will be the main inbox in which Google will categorize messages from contacts like family or friends, as well as others that will not fall under the other labels. Social groups messages from social networks like Google+, Youtube, Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, or Foursquare. Offers is the label applied to e-mails from special deals and retail websites. Notifications covers messages such as bills or flights. Forums, finally, collects messages from online forums, groups, and mailing lists.

At present, Gmail uses the SmartLabels feature, which tags e-mails under labels such as Forums, Promotions, Social Updates, and Notifications.

It may be recalled as well that earlier, presentation slides showing the Gmail app for Android were leaked during Google I/O. The slides showed that the app will feature a collapsible navigation drawer, where users can easily move from the Inbox to the Priority Inbox, as well as access messages with Recent Labels, and All Labels. In the new Gmail app, there is also more space for displaying messages vertically due to the removal of the bottom action bar. Shortcuts for the actions in the bottom bar are now in other areas, according to the screenshot. Compose and Search, for example, have been moved to the top action bar whereas All Labels is in the navigation drawer. Stars, likewise, which are used for marking particular messages, have been made slightly larger.

Google has not made any official comments regarding these allegedly upcoming changes. That said, if these rumors are accurate, the changes may be implemented within the next few weeks.

via androidpolice, thenextweb

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