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Giganticon Makes App Icons Huge with Special Widgets

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Most mobile OS’s end up looking pretty standardized across devices thanks to their simple interfaces and menu screens. However, Android can sometimes be the oddball and this is because of the openness of the software. Occasionally you’ll get developers that develop an app that does something small to make a big difference to how you view your Android home screen.

Giganticon is an application that allows you to add various sized widgets that act as app icons. With Giganticon you can have app icons that can take up to 25 times the space of a normal app icon, and anywhere in between.


You may ask why you’d want to do this, and personally I can think of many reasons. Not only can you make your Android home screen stand out from others, but you can also make it easier to access the apps you use the most, whilst sticking the less used apps in a small area on your screen.

This could also appeal to children and would fit nicely on a tablet, and could help those with poor eyesight.

If you want to check out Giganticon and try and figure out what exactly you can do with the app yourself, it is available for free on Google Play.


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