Gartner: Android and Samsung Dominate Smartphone Sales in Q1 2013, Apple’s Market Share Dips

Android and Samsung’s control over today’s global smartphone market should no longer surprise anyone, but it appears the two leading forces of the mobile industry just can’t be contained. Their already impressive numbers keep on growing and growing, fiscal quarter after quarter, at the expense of basically everyone else in the business, from Apple to Nokia to BlackBerry.


Remember ComScore’s report from a couple of weeks back, according to which Android powered over half of the smartphones used in the States? Well, globally, things look even better for Google’s mobile OS.

The Androids are everywhere, accounting for a staggering 74.4% of total smartphone sales worldwide during Q1 2013, meaning over 156 million devices. That’s almost double last year’s unit sales (83.68 millions), or a boost of close to 25% in terms of market share, from a “modest” 56.9% 12 months ago.

Meanwhile, iOS is caught in a bit of good news/bad news scenario, boosting its actual smartphone sales from 33 to 38 million units, but seeing its market share slip from 22.5 to just 18.2%. Headache-inducing numbers for Cupertino? On the whole, I think so.

Surprisingly, Research In Motion (RIM, or BlackBerry, as they like to call themselves nowadays) made the podium once again, albeit barely, with 6.2 million smartphones sold, or a 3% market share. Microsoft keeps its number four in the ranks, despite seeing a somewhat encouraging spike in sales – 5.9 million units vs 2.7 mil, or 2.9% share vs. 1.9.

Moving on, the vendor challenge has once again easily gone Samsung’s way, both in smartphone and mobile phone (including “dumb” devices) sales. Sammy has seen year-over-year boosts across the board, with its smartphone share growing from 27.6 to 30.8%, smartphone unit sales from 40.6 to 64.7 mil, mobile phone share from 21.1 to 23.6% and finally mobile phone unit sales from 89.2 to 100.6 million.

Apple is naturally the silver medal recipient in the smartphone competition, whereas the number two in mobile phone sales is Nokia, despite a significant year-on-year decrease (14.8 vs 19.7% share, or 63.2 vs 83.1 million units sold).


LG is worthy of an honorable mention following Gartner’s latest report, though the Koreans still remain a mere blip on Samsung’s radar. The Optimus and Nexus 4 makers have boosted their smartphone market share from a tiny 3.4 to 4.8%, managing to overcome Huawei, which has seen a more modest increase – 4.4%, from 3.6 a year ago.

ZTE is itself on the rise in the smartphone world (3.8 vs 3.1%), while in the larger mobile phone universe TCL and Lenovo have seen fairly modest boosts, with Sony incapable of making real headway.

All things considered, how about giving the mobile phone world rulers a nice, warm round of applause? After all, they do deserve all our praises, right?

Via [Gartner]